Emergency Locksmiths Bristol

Emergency locksmiths

About Williams locks and what we can provide for you

Dave Williams is the second generation of locksmiths that have been a part of this company now to this day with twenty years of experience we know how to satisfy our customers and give you only the best. When the company was taken over by David he had a great amount of knowledge and skill in working with locks so naturally he wanted to hire and have only the best at his side so when customers came to Williams locks they were always going to get the best team and the best service. Our team works within a 20 mile radius of Bristol so if you are in this area we can come to you and help you any time of the day as we have a 24 hour service so matter the time we can come straight to you in under 20 minutes and get to work immediately and with a 12 month guarantee plan where if in 12 months our parts should break or not work at all we will give you a full refund, we are positive that you will only get the best from us and for many years we have been the best and only that.

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The services that we offer to you

We are well known for providing a direct locksmith service only to you but we have a wide range of buildings that we can come to and service for you, domestic or commercial services like our 24/7 emergency call out,  Non destructive entry (NDE) and our key cut on site service we have everything you need that you ever need so if we don’t supply it, it has got nothing to do with lock smithing.

The services we provide.

  • 24/7 emergency call out
  • Non destructive entry (NDE)
  • Mobile Locksmith
  • Keys cut on site
  • Upvc door repairs
  • New locks fitted
  • Realignments
  • Replacement door furniture, handlers, letterboxes, knockers, bell pushers
  • Additional garage and window security.

The technical side to our services

Our emergency locksmiths

At some point we have all accidently locked ourselves and you feel like it is the end of the world, you have no need to panic by simply calling us we can come straight to you no matter where you are in Bristol we can get to you in under 20 minutes and unlike other companies we have a no call out charge  whether it is day or night 24 hours a day, 365 days a year our services are always available to you.  Losing your keys and locking yourself out is a time that no ever wants to be a part of but sadly it all happens to us however our team understand when this happens to you and we want to always assure you that it isn’t your fault and we offer a complete lock solution where we can get back into your home and replace your locks and a new key if you want to have one for safer security and to top it all of our staff have been trained to the highest standard so you get only the best from people who care and want to ensure you the security you need in your home.

Our commercial locksmith service

When it comes to your business and getting the best out of it you want everything to be up to the standards it should ad no doubt in your mind security is one of the highest priorities that needs to be sorted out, so you want to go to people who care about your security and want to give you only the best and that’s where our staff here at Williams locks can give you that exactly. Like all of our services we have 24/7 available service so no matter the time we Can install only the best security needed to prevent criminal theft and damage and like our domestic service if you or your staff lose the keys to the building we can come straight to you and give you a non-destructive entry service but we offer something for our businesses that are becoming increasingly more popular and are very effective. Keyless entry systems are very much effective and we offer a service to have them installed and if you do have any problems with them then we can fix them for you. Your business is important to you and it’s just as important to us so we want give the benefit of giving you only the best we can offer you so we can both carry on happy.

Our UPVC Repairs

At Williams Locks not only we just provide a service for fixing locks and cutting keys for keys for homes and businesses all over Dorset but we also offer a service to repair UPVC products ranging from windows, doors, conservatories, locks, hinges and handles so everything or anything that needs to be repaired we can come to you and offer what you need. As well as this we offer security upgrades as well to make it that much more effective and efficient for you and of course our lost key repair service. For over 20 years we have gained the highest experience in UPVC so we have all the knowledge that is needed so you can get the best out of what you have. One of our most popular repair services is our UPVC Gasket replacement, over time the rubber on the door, window and the frames starts to dry out and crack which can cause drafts and leaks in your home but here at Williams Locks we have a fast and effective service to stop this from happening at a reasonable price so you truly get the best out of everything.

The experience we have gainedcheap locksmiths in bristol

The experience in Bristol

With 20 years of experience behind us here at Williams locks we have a gained a wide range of knowledge to help us even further throughout the business and become more of an effective service to you. We have worked with many customers throughout all of Bristol and we have met some wonderful people and we returned that by giving them a service of a lifetime. A lot of people make the accidently mistake of losing their keys or locking themselves out and we say no matter if you do because we can come to you and give you everything you need to get you going again, we at Williams locks like to ask our customers how we did with our service and we are proud to say with each service we have provided we have always gotten a the best response we want to have and we always aim to keep this for you and for us.

Get in contact with us today

If you have lost your keys or locked yourself out of your home or your business and you need someone to come to you quickly and get you back in then come to Williams locks today for our emergency locksmiths or if you are in need of another service that we offer you or you are looking for more information on us then contact us today on 0117 970 8185 or why not email us on info@williamslocks.co.uk, if you need help we can open the way for you.