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Top 3 ways to choose a reliable locksmith

By Dave Williams

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The sense of helplessness we get from being locked out of our residence or vehicle can be overwhelming.

It’s not something we’re all prepared for, but each and every experience is extremely stressful.

Imagining worst case scenarios, such as running late for that important meeting, or being left with small children confined and

exposed to the home space makes the need for a reliable locksmith all the more apparent.

But what do you need to look out for when hiring an expert service? BBB research shows that there is every chance you’ll get stung with a cowboy trader.

These so-called “professionals” sadly exploit venerable customers, making the need for a trustworthy service all the more important.

Decide of location

Sole traders shouldn’t be completely mistrusted however. In fact a local proprietorship can assure a dependable service, where you become familiar with the person providing consistent work.

A rapport between client and customer builds trust and if you become a preferred type you may find jobs happen even sooner than expected.

You’ll also know who is accountable and contactable about any re-occurring problems. No call centres mean you speak to your locksmith directly.

Beware national businesses, as these often sub out work to other firms in a vicinity, with necessarily performing the appropriate checks.  This means the risk of a sub-par job and no accountability on their behalf.

Sole traders also seem to be far more cost effective than faceless corporations.

Research 3rd party approval

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools to promote a successful and trustworthy service.

When the reliability of a locksmith becomes general consensus amongst your trusted friends, peers and community this should make you want to rely on that business.

Actively check websites for testimonials that positively endorse a locksmiths work. Keep an eye out for praise regarding projects for at-risk premises, such as schools and hospices. This is another signifier of a responsible proprietorship.

Visibility in local directories is another indicator that a locksmith provides good service.

Expect an expedient service

Who knows when we may suffer a complete lock out. Fate can be a cruel mistress.

There is always a chance that you lose your keys any time throughout the day or even worse, in the early hours of the morning.

In the absence of a supportive neighbour, you don’t want a brick to the window to be your only solution.

Reliable locksmiths will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Advanced research means you’ll know you’ll get a response to a call.

Checking that a proprietorship accepts credit cards is also a known guarantee that a locksmith will attend your needs no matter the hour. Of course, you’ll need the right type to get them to commit to a job.

Local locksmiths can be with you within as little than 30 minutes, meaning you can be tucked up in bed in no time.

Other factors that seal approval

  • Legit locksmiths will ask for and supply ID
  • Estimates can be supplied up front
  • Invoices for services rendered will be supplied
  • Insurance approved
  • Secure credit card payments accepted